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What is Second Opinion Physiotherapy?

Second opinion physiotherapy is a focused review of your condition that has already been provided for by another treatment provider.

This programme is suitable: 

  1. If you have a condition that you don’t understand and is limiting your functional ability.

  2. If you feel like you’ve tried many treatments, but are still disabled by your problem.

  3. If you would like to gain a better understanding of how to self manage your problem.

  4. If you would like a second opinion for conservative care before making a decision on surgery.

  5. If your family, company or treating clinician would like a second opinion on your treatment.


Why is second opinion needed?

There are good reasons why getting a second opinion from a specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapist is helpful:

  1. Your condition is not improving with current treatment and/or you are unsure about the direction to take.

  2. A collaborative approach is needed for the assessment and management of your complex condition. E.g. your Clinician (doctor, OT, physio), exercise trainer, massage therapist may request a one-off second opinion review of your problem, to provide additional support for management.


How can On Point Physiotherapy help you?

On Point Physiotherapy collaborates with other treatment providers to guide patients toward the right care early in their recovery. We offer second opinion assessments for complex musculoskeletal conditions as additional support and for cases that have not responded to previous therapies.

Patients are assessed in an interactive and educative manner.  They receive clear information to help them understand their condition and are empowered with management plans that promote active participation.

Our team is highly skilled to screen, and deliver guideline based management plans while communicating effectively with other healthcare providers to get you better.

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