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Tough Times Don't Last, Tough People Do. - Robert H Suller


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Prior to doing physiotherapy with Jonathan, I was unable to even walk without pain due to an ACL injury two years ago. The progress with my previous physio was excruciatingly slow and because of that I was about to give up on physiotherapy all together. I was then referred by my insurer to Jonathan and things took a 180 degree turn for the better. From gaining strength back in my legs to taking my first step on my first run in two years, I quickly overcame many recovery hurdles that I was not able to overcome before. In a span of just 3 months, I was able to reach 60% of my maximum barbell squat and was able to jog and jump - after not being able to do so for over two years. I would 100% recommend Jonathan to anyone facing similar injuries who would want a quick return to form.


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I am very happy that I can move my right shoulder quite painlessly now. Thanks to Jonathan... I was diagnosed with right shoulder biceps tendinitis and referred for physiotherapy. Jonathan is very approachable and encouraging. His assessment of my condition was thorough and he was quick to identify the tense muscles around my right shoulder. Using a combination of soft tissue release methods, acupuncture and stretching exercises, i see improvement after each session. During my last session, Jonathan also taught me strength training for injury prevention and building body resilience by improving strength of muscles/tendons. Highly recommend him because he is hands on and very knowledgeable with the different physiotherapy techniques to help relieve pain and strained muscles.


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Had 2 herniated discs on my C4/5 and C6/7 to the point I was having issues with mobility and loss of strength, I saw Jonathan pre and post op, his guidance and sessions have helped me back to recovery. I am now back lifting, running and drumming. The three things which were almost taken from me. Jon has been beyond a savior and I am forever thankful for him being my physio. Nothing but positivity and encouragement. Thank you!


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Challenges are what make life interesting. Overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. - Joshua J. Marine

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I've been suffering lower back pains for about 12 years. I had undergone physio therapy sessions with other physio therapists but my back pain didn't go away. I was referred to Jonathan Chan. He did a detailed analysis and taught me some exercises/techniques to loosen the tensed muscles. He taught me about good posture & how to practice it. He gave some exercises for me to take home and practice. Jonathan Chan is an expert & knowledgeable about what he does. He is very professional, friendly and very hands on. I strongly recommend him.


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I suffered from severe pain due to my slip disc injury, the pain was so unbearable that I thought it won’t ever get better. Thankfully, the many sessions with physiotherapist Jonathan Chan helped strengthen my core muscles and I was taught to manage my posture and pain better and soon enough I was able to get back to my daily routine again. Thank you so much!


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I was referred to physiotherapist Jonathan from my orthopedic surgeon after a procedure for my L4/5 PID. My rehab experience has been great with him! He is very informative and forthcoming with his teachings and helps you on your road to recovery. He gives sound advice on dos and don'ts, as well as a fair amount of work as well as 'homework' to ensure you don't slack off. Though it might sound that he pushes a lot, he knows what work is appropriate based on your condition and manages each session accordingly.


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If doctors save lives, then a physiotherapist makes it worth living. - Unknown

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I had a Lateral Cruciate Knee Ligament surgery due to an injury from my job. I was referred to Physiotherapist Jonathan Chan for my rehabilitation. He took time to understand what's my expectations after my recovery. I want to get back into sports and Spartan race etc. He understood and drew up a timeline. His professionalism and passion exceeded my expectations. He was detailed in his analysis and explanation too. Often than not, he always go beyond of what was expected of him, by correcting my foot and knee postures so as to protect myself from future potential injuries. A sincere and caring physiotherapist who possess the passion in helping his clients to reach their goal.



I had a keyhole surgery on my left knee, following which I had a very limited range of motion in my knee. Following surgery, I was referred to Jonathan Chan.

Jonathan put together a rehab plan to increase my range of motion and build my strength in my surrounding muscles. Within a few sessions, my range of motion and strength were developing very well. Various exercises were explained and demonstrated to perform as "homework" to keep up the rate of progress.

Now, 6 months on, I can walk at an intense pace (6km/h) for more than 20km.


Jonathan is very friendly, patient, knowledgeable and professional. I thoroughly recommend. Thank you!


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I was diagnosed with slipped disc and I’m really glad that I went to PT Jonathan after reading all the good reviews on him! Jonathan is incredibly approachable and thorough in explaining my condition. He is very encouraging and helped me better understand pain management. He incorporated a very holistic approach for my treatment that recovery is not only from physical training but also with healthier lifestyle. He strongly advocate consistency, always sharing tips on exercises I can replicate at home. I started my journey with Jonathan with extreme lower back pain and numbness in my toes. There are times I could barely sit still for more than 15mins without pain. I have progressed a lot since then, I am able to resume my day to day work and I have not felt this good ,all thanks to Jonathan! Highly recommend him to anyone who needs physiotherapy :)


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Physio therapist Jonathan has been the best! He really help me a lot, and I'm getting better and stronger as each week passes. He makes this whole process enjoyable. Highly recommend him, if anyone is looking for a physio therapist



Physio Jonathan has been very active in keeping a close eye on his patients, be it during the Physio therapy session or by checking in on the patient outside of the session. He’s also understanding on the extra needs of the patients, like tailoring a program that the patient would actually like to do. Instead of just asking them to do basic exercises that does no improvement to their treatment


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Was referred to Jonathan Chan by my orthopedic Dr. post back operation. He is prob one of the best physiotherapist I've had. He's very good in understanding the issue and coming up with the right rehab plan. Thanks to him I'm now able to manage my back issue, not just by physio sessions but also by giving me a plan I can execute at home.


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Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine. - Jack Ma

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I was referred to Jon after my shoulder surgery. Really thankful to Jon who guided me through my recovery - from initial rehab/ muscle stiffness release while on sling, to building strength allowing me to lift my arm with support and subsequently up to my ears. Now half yr post op, I'm really glad that I have recovered faster than expected, enabling me to regain my yoga practice.. Thanks Jonathan!



Huge advocate of getting proper care when it involves the spinal cord. Jonathan is nothing short of an expert therapist who helped me a ton in my road to my recover. Highly recommended this fun and gentle person who goes the extra mile to hear and aid in what you exactly need. Thank you Jonathan ✊🏽


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Jonathan is really passionate and professional during my rehab sessions before and after my ACL reconstruction op. His treatment program really helps a lot during the post-op recovery journey as he is able to recommend the most optimal exercises to speed up the recovery and strengthen my muscles. He’s also certified in acupuncture!



Medicine Adds Days To Life. Physical Therapy Adds Life To Days. - Unknown

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I was prescribed physiotherapy post my shoulder surgery to rebuild my shoulder flexibility & strength. It's my first time to have physiotherapy and was very fortunate to have Jonathan as my therapist.  Jonathan is very organized keep tracked of my progress and build the programs around my recovery status so I can regain my strength & flexibility very quickly & safely.

Highly recommend!


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I started with Jonathan for a sciatic nerve irritation, but it ended up doing much more for me than I expected. Jonathan diagnosed and fixed the initial sciatic nerve injury in 2-3 sessions. We then moved on to work on my hamstrings and posterior chain. Years of abuse and ligament reconstructions done on my knee resulted in pains and weakness in my legs. I stopped heavy deadlifts and squats for a long time due to the back and hamstring injuries I would get every time I went heavy. Jonathan helped me over a few sessions to get back to deadlifting. Something that I didn't think I would ever do again. Highly recommend going to him to get a proper assessment and practical ways to improve mobility, stability and to get back to things you might otherwise think not possible anymore due to previous injuries or pain. Thanks Jonathan


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I had a near fall while playing foot ball with friends. Since then I experienced pain in my right knee. I went to GP, in turn he referred me to specialist. The first consultant told that he should further examine by inserting camera into knee. Then an another consultant referred me to physiotherapy. That is where everything went well. Physiotherapist Jonathan Chan listened to my story/history and planned the rehab. Started with light exercises and gradually intensified while I am recovering. Instructed clearly what I should do, what I should not do. Eventually knee pain gone and my legs become stronger as earlier. Looking forward to play foot ball again and do my routine gym sessions. Thanks much Jonathan.


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Results Happen Over Time, Not Overnight. Work Hard, Stay Consistent, And Be Patient. - Unknown

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I had a very good experience with Jonathan following a shoulder injury. Jonathan is extremely knowledgeable and really helped my recovery go smoothly without any setbacks. I highly recommend Jonathan as PT for anyone that is recovering from an injury or surgery.


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I have been having a terrible lower back and shoulders pain due to poor and long sitting posture while working from home since beginning of 2020.Jonathan came highly recommended by my colleague. Jonathan is detailed and knowledgeable, not only providing treatment but also provide valuable advice. Like my colleague, I recommend JONATHAN :)


I was recommended by my GP to Jonathan for my frozen right shoulder affecting my day to day life. I was not able to lift my hands and do even simple things. Jonathan really helped me to full recovery. He was able to identify the root cause and fix one by one all my problem affecting the movement. He was very efficient in the time available, patiently explaining and answering all questions. He also clarified certain things after the session which is of great help. I will strongly recommend Jonathan for my friends and family


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