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The Difference between General Physio & Specialist Physio 

A Specialist Physiotherapist is someone who’s undergone undergone postgraduate advance tertiary  education on top of their bachelors degree. They’ve achieved the highest degree of education, training and expertise in their chosen field of sports physiotherapy or musculoskeletal physiotherapy, allowing them to be experts in this field. For e.g. Masters in Clinical Physiotherapy (Musculoskeletal).

Specialist Physiotherapists are effective in assessing and selecting appropriate care pathways for musculoskeletal patients in line with international clinical guidelines and utilize evidenced informed management plans for swift recovery.

On the other hand, general physiotherapist are entry level bachelor degree holder where they are qualified to do all aspects of physiotherapy for large majority of simple conditions (neurological, cardiopulmonary and musculoskeletal).


What is the role of a Specialist Physiotherapist?

Specialist Physiotherapists are trained with advanced skills in assessment and management.


They undertake an in-depth assessment of complex conditions and provide a diagnosis with explanation of all contributing factors.

They also screen to ensure symptoms are not caused by serious medical conditions. They provide a clear understanding of the problem and guide how best to manage it.


How On Point Physiotherapy can help: 

Our Clinic Director & Principal Physiotherapist is highly trained in the the field of musculoskeletal physiotherapy having acquired clinical masters and related work experience. He is passionate about current evidence informing patient care, clinical practice and knowledge sharing. His clinical interest are in complex spine, shoulder, knee and hip conditions.

On Point Physiotherapy places a strong emphasis on providing early appropriate intervention for all pain issues and injuries to prevent persistent and disabling pain. For this reason, we are often sought after for second opinions. We partner closely with Singapore's leading orthopaedic & pain specialists and other health care professionals to provide collaborative value driven patient care.

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